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Defib Machines, Your Key Workers

Throughout the turbulent times in 2020, Defib Machines continued to provide our life saving service throughout the UK. Cardiac Arrest has continued through this time to affect people and we have been there to make sure our devices are in full working order for when they are needed most.

Operations Will Continue During Lockdown

After the announcements on 4th January that the UK will again be asked to stay at home, we will again be continuing to provide our lifesaving support to help keep people heart safe. This will be for all our customers as normal. With the large array of different groups that we work with we understand that there are locations that our defibs are located which due to their very nature cannot close.

Our ability to continue to provide our ‘best-in-class’ service and offering resulted in a number of successful lives saved during lockdowns throughout the last year. This will again, we are sure, be the case in the early months of 2021. This will include: installation of new devices; servicing; maintenance; training; and ongoing support.

The measures that have been put in place will continue to be reviewed to keep everyone safe. These measures include appropriate PPE, social distancing, increased cleaning, antibacterial measures for all staff, regular health updates and specific changes dependent on the setting being attended.

The Fight Against COVID-19 Goes On

As the nation continues the fight against COVID-19 we hope everyone stays safe, and will help to continue the fight to keep everyone safe from Cardiac Arrest. If you want to find out more about our COVID-19 measures or how we can help protect you from cardiac arrest please get in touch by phone (0800 0852 733), email (solutions@defibmachines.co.uk) or by using the live chat feature on the website


Defib Machines, Your Key Workers