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From Neglect to Readiness: Transforming AED Maintenance

The loss of a young tradesman in the UK to a preventable accident has brought to the forefront a critical issue – the maintenance of lifesaving Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

A recent inquest heard that the 27 year old suffered a cardiac arrest at work and the AED which was brought to resuscitate him failed as it was unusable. It was due to the improper care of the device, meaning it was unable to save the life of the young worker. This event has sparked discussions about the current state of AEDs nationwide, especially those available to the public.

Reports suggest that an alarming number of available community AEDs, potentially up to 30%, would not be able to save a life for various reasons. Concerns have been raised by industry professionals and charity representatives about the government’s recent pledge to fund AEDs. The criticism centres around the insufficiency of funding beyond the purchase, and lack of clear guidelines on equipment management in the long term.

There is a clear necessity for professional servicing, consistent maintenance, regular training and ongoing support to ensure AEDs are properly stocked with essential supplies like functional pads and batteries.

Maintenance the Defib Machines way

Considering these sobering statistics of ill-maintained AEDs, Defib Machines presents a proactive and comprehensive solution to the AED maintenance challenge. Understanding the vital role that AEDs play in saving lives during cardiac emergencies, Defib Machines offers a unique rental model that not only provides state-of-the-art AEDs but also ensures their readiness through a full-service maintenance package.

Renting an AED from Defib Machines at £1 per day provides several key advantages to your organisation. Our comprehensive support package includes regular on-site services, replacement of pads and batteries before their expiry, and even a UK-exclusive replacement service if the device is ever used or needs attention. This ensures that each rented AED is not just a piece of equipment but a reliable lifeline that’s ready at a moment’s notice.

Businesses that join forces with Defib Machines to deploy AEDs are also provided with onsite training and refresher courses, reinforcing the readiness to respond effectively to cardiac emergencies.

For organisations such as schools, gyms, offices, and large-scale sites like warehouses or construction areas, Defib Machines offers tailored solutions that suit the specific needs of various industries. This includes an initial site survey, installation of the AED, and full signage to ensure visibility and accessibility.

What truly sets Defib Machines apart is not just the quality of the AEDs provided but the dedication to maintaining a heartbeat of support through our devices. We are the only end-to-end solution that takes the worry out of AED maintenance in the United Kingdom, allowing organisations to focus on what they do best, while ensuring that they are prepared for the unexpected.

Guarding Against AED Neglect

Defib Machines has observed in the field that AEDs often fall into disrepair due to expired pads and batteries, unexpected costs for replacements, and devices passing their shelf life. The burden of maintenance falls on the customer – something that Defib Machines is bringing an end to.

Jonathan Gilbert, Director of Defib Machines, states, “We firmly believe that the standard for AEDs should encompass comprehensive care, including professional service and maintenance, both initial and refresher on site, in-person training sessions, a 24-hour response whenever a device is utilised, timely replacement of pads and batteries prior to their expiration, and consistent onsite health assessments of the equipment. Without these standards we will unfortunately continue to see this story time and again, eroding confidence in these lifesaving devices. This is not a sales pitch, this is a wake up call”.

Recognising that organisations are put in charge of maintaining their own AEDs, Defib Machines steps in to ensure the AEDs we install never encounter such neglect. Our service guarantees functional equipment with no additional costs, backed by comprehensive maintenance, so that every AED is ready for an emergency at the cost of just £1-a-day.

For a seamless AED maintenance experience and to ensure your defibrillators are always ready for an emergency, contact Defib Machines. We are passionate about what we do and would love to discuss your needs – talk to us at 0800 0852 733. Together, let’s ensure you’re equipped with life-saving AEDs that will be ready for any situation.

From Neglect to Readiness: Transforming AED Maintenance