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Defib Machines 2023 Annual Report

As Defib Machines transition from this year into the next, Defib Machines is pleased to present our yearly summary. This document encapsulates our contributions and future aspirations.

In 2023, Defib Machines dedicated itself to deploying life-saving defibrillators across the UK, enhancing safety in communities. Noteworthy collaborations include efforts with institutions and businesses like Park Holidays, Culina Group and Runnymede Borough Council. Ensuring preparedness for cardiac emergencies.

With each advancing month of 2023, our organisation experienced unprecedented growth in financial metrics, bolstering our support for UK communities.

At Defib Machines, our commitment remains unwavering: to extend the maximum support to businesses, corporations, and educational entities.

To delve into our 2023 journey and explore our comprehensive annual review, please access it here.

Defib Machines 2023 Annual Report