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Defibrillator Servicing / Health Check

Defib Machines know how important it is to have a defibrillator in full working order. Many AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) throughout the UK have been sold without a proper service and maintenance package. Because of this, we now provide a HEALTH CHECK on any defibrillator, even if it is not a Defib Machine.

Defibrillator Service Check Options

Defibrillator Machine Health Check Service

All our health checks are carried out by one of Defib Machine’s trained engineers and takes no longer than 15 minutes. We will provide a full test of the device checking it would respond as needed in an emergency and that pads and batteries are within the replacement dates. The device’s history is also checked to ensure there are no current recalls against the defibrillator machine.

After the health check is carried out, results will be provided back for your records and any recommendations will be provided. If you do not already receive regular health checks by a trained professional on your devices, Defib Machines highly recommend you consider this. It has been seen that 1 in 5 devices fail due to improper care. It can be difficult comparing the potential savings between a fully managed AED service instead of purchasing one outright. Check out our handy guide helping you to answer the question - how much does an aed cost?

If your defibrillator is old and has not been serviced, Defib Machines can arrange a Buy Back Service to replace your old AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). You can receive up to £250 for your old device and receive a brand new, up to date defibrillator in place of it.

As the likelihood of failure increases with the age of the machine, Defib Machines offer to replace all defibrillators after 24 months. All our machines also come with a full service and maintenance package as standard. With regular health checks and a full replacement service included in the £1 a day cost, we make sure that you have a defibrillator that works when you need it most. Find out how to rent a managed AED from Defib Machines.

Arrange a Health Check for your Automatic Defibrillator

For more information on our health check service, you can get in touch with Defib Machines on 0800 0852 733 or one of our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible by contacting Defib Machines online.


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