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What is The Circuit? Defib Machines’ Perspective on Enhancing AED Accessibility

In August 2018, Defib Machines received an invitation to join The Circuit, a new national defibrillator network aimed at providing vital information to NHS ambulance services regarding defibrillator locations across the UK. The invitation came as a recognition of Defib Machines’ extensive contribution to the network, with numerous devices already registered with local ambulance services.

The Importance of Registration on The Circuit

Every minute counts in a cardiac emergency, and The Circuit plays a crucial role in improving response times. The system serves as a database accessible to 999 call handlers and ambulance staff, enabling them to quickly identify the nearest Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to a person in need. This national overview significantly enhances the efficiency of emergency services during sudden cardiac arrests.

Defib Machines is passionate about registering the AEDs we install for clients on The Circuit. AEDs significantly increase an individual’s likelihood of survival in a cardiac emergency. In fact, it doubles the chances of survival.

The Circuit ensures that emergency services can locate and access defibrillators swiftly when needed the most irrespective of their geographical location. Defib Machines is deeply committed to ensuring defibrillators are readily accessible in emergency situations. In pursuit of this mission, we offer defibrillators nationwide to various industries at the low cost of just £1 per day.

How to register on The Circuit

Registering a defibrillator on The Circuit is a straightforward online process. The synchronisation with The Circuit involves adding devices individually for each location, a technical process that takes approximately five minutes.

As part of the registration process, users provide information such as the AED’s location, brand, model, device serial number, accessibility details, and maintenance schedule.

We actively assist and manage the integration process for organisations adding their devices to The Circuit, ensuring a smooth and efficient collective effort. The integration provides superior mapping, directing individuals to the nearest defibrillator within a 200-metre radius for optimal response times.

If you would like more information on how to get registered, contact our team at 0800 0852 733 or reach out via email and we can provide you with further information.

The Circuit functions as a dynamic and adaptive database, consistently evolving as AEDs are registered. At Defib Machines, we strongly advocate for our clients who have defibrillators installed by us on their premises to actively participate in registering on the network.

After registration on The Circuit, organisations can easily update the device status, marking it as available or unavailable based on its current condition.

The system provides users with the flexibility to input the operational hours of their device, particularly if it is not housed in an external cabinet. For devices within a cabinet, users can also include the access code necessary for retrieving the device.

Defib Machines takes on the responsibility of managing pads, batteries, service calls, maintenance, and device replacement after use. Our 24-hour response rate ensures that, in the event of a cardiac emergency, the devices registered on The Circuit are swiftly restored to operational status, significantly enhancing the network’s ability to provide timely and effective defibrillator access across the UK.

Once a defib is used, we mark the device as unavailable on the network, undertake necessary replacements and services within 24 hours, and ensure it’s ready for another life-saving intervention at no extra cost to the client. This underscores our collaborative role in maintaining The Circuit’s effectiveness and contributing to a robust national defibrillator network.

How significant is The Circuit?

Defib Machines sees defibrillator registration on The Circuit as a positive step towards improving accessibility and saving lives in the United Kingdom. It is our commitment to support communities by adding devices to The Circuit which is contributing to the collective effort to enhance public safety and ultimately saving lives.

The effectiveness of the system hinges on the quality of information and the support provided. All our devices on The Circuit benefit from our 24-hour response, full service/maintenance, and ongoing support guarantee, ensuring they remain consistently accessible.

Companies contributing their devices to The Circuit make a significant impact on community wellbeing. However, a challenge emerges from the costs associated with restoring AEDs after usage, placing a financial burden on those with registered devices. That is something that needs to be remedied in the industry, so that the nation has access to readily available AEDs.

“With Defib Machines’ support promise, we will ensure your defib is ready for action at £1 per day, ensuring that AEDs will be accessible whenever they are needed. Keeping defibs online is something the industry can certainly improve upon. That being said,The Circuit, in an ideal scenario, is excellent, representing a positive stride toward enhancing cardiac arrest survival rates,” said Jonathan Gilbert, Co-founder and Managing Director of Defib Machines.


What is The Circuit? Defib Machines’ Perspective on Enhancing AED Accessibility