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Defib Machines 2022 ANNUAL REPORT

Our 2022 Annual Report

As we are now beginning to see the end of this year and the start of the next, the team at Defib Machines has their annual report. Inside our report covers all the areas of our impact and vision for this year and the following.

Throughout 2022 the team at Defib Machines have been busy implementing defibrillators to help keep communities around the UK stay safe. Such institutions as Bradford College and Manchester Central have both had our help throughout this year and can now feel safe if a cardiac arrest occurred.

As each month has passed in this year, our growth has seen new highs within our financial performance, which has given us a large helping hand for communities around the UK. 

For the team at Defib Machines our vision will always be focused on gaining the biggest helping hand for businesses, companies and institutions.

If you would like to view our full annual report and discover our journey through 2022, you can view it here

Our 2022 Annual Report