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How to find your nearest defibrillator in an emergency

How to find your nearest defibrillator in an emergency

A defibrillator can drastically improve the chances of a person’s survival if they are experiencing a cardiac arrest. It’s important to be aware of the nearest defibrillator to you in the event of an emergency as it can make all the difference. If you are in unfamiliar surroundings, then there are several websites and phone apps that can help you to located a nearby defibrillator.

Defibrillator Apps

There are some phone apps available that detail every defibrillator in the local area. The “Defib Locator” app from Welsh Hearts directs people in Wales to their nearest defibrillator if someone is experiencing a cardiac arrest.

The most comprehensive apps available for your phone are “Save-a-life” which has been created by St. John’s Ambulance. In addition to the exact locations of all defibrillators in an area, the app allows you to add machines that aren’t currently in their database. The “Save-a-life” app also contains important CPR instructions that could be the difference between life and death.

If you do locate your nearest defibrillator (after you’ve called 999), it may be locked but the operator on the call will be able to give you the code you need to unlock the case.

Another fantastic app for being to locate public defibrillators within your area is GoodSAM. GoodSAM provides information on the location of over 40’000 different defibrillators, which is claimed to be the largest AED registry in the world. The GoodSAM app also has the first mobile AED registry, to help you locate defibrillators that are situated in cars and other vehicles.

If you own a business or represent a public area and your concerned that your nearest defibrillator is currently too far away, then please get in touch with Defib Machines today. All locations should be protected in the event of a cardiac arrest as they can take place at any time but some places are more at risk including retirement homes, gyms and leisure centres.

Defib Machines have automated external defibrillators available to rent from just £1 a day including the HeartSine Automatic Defibrillator.

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How to find your nearest defibrillator in an emergency