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Defibrillator funding isn’t always possible

Cardiac arrest is one of the biggest killers of people every year, therefore it is important to have an accessible defibrillator machine in workplaces and public spaces. However, they can be very expensive pieces of equipment, often costing upwards of £1,000.

The Defibrillators Availability Bill (which requires all schools to have a defibrillator) is currently going through Parliament and is expected to have its second reading debate on Friday 24 March 2017.
This may mean that Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) are in higher demand, making the application for funding even more difficult.

Applying for funding

Many businesses apply for an AED in their workplace through the Department of Health or through non-profit charities. However, the application process can often be a slow and lengthy one, with many businesses not qualifying. During this time, it is a possibility that lives could have been saved. In the UK, there are approximately 30,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests every year, so it is important to protect your employees, customers or patients as soon as possible.

Renting a Defib Machine

We understand that the cost of a defibrillator can sometimes be daunting, or even off-putting. However, for £1 a day, your company or business can ensure the safety of the customers and employees by renting a Defib Machine. This £1 a day covers training costs, installation, pad and battery replacements, servicing, call-out’s, maintenance, repairs and device replacements. Defib Machines provide fully inclusive AED Rental Packages for a number of different sectors, from the Construction Industry to Gyms and Health Clubs to name just a few.

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Defibrillator funding isn’t always possible