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Defib Machines Takes AED Support to the Next Level

The landscape of defibrillator suppliers in the United Kingdom is on the brink of transformation, thanks to new legislation that recognises the indispensable role of these life-saving devices in various settings. The recent bill mandates the installation of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in public buildings, sporting facilities, schools, higher education institutions, and other education and care facilities catering to vulnerable individuals.

While the mandate highlights the significance of AEDs, it also underscores the critical importance of ongoing maintenance of these devices and receiving the correct training for your AED. Regardless of the industry or environment, having a working defibrillator on hand can mean the difference between life and death during a cardiac emergency.

This is where Defib Machines comes in; we’re more than just a defibrillator supplier; we are a dedicated partner committed to ensuring that your defibrillator is not just a piece of equipment but a life-saving asset. We make sure that it never becomes an ornament, or that you are left with a defibrillator that doesn’t work when needed most. The unfortunate truth for 30% of public access AEDs in the UK.

Why Choose Defib Machines As Your AED Supplier

At the heart of Defib Machines’ support lies meticulous installation and comprehensive training. Our expert team takes charge of defibrillator installation, ensuring strategic placement for rapid access during emergencies. But that’s not where it ends. Defib Machines offers holistic training, equipping your team with the skills to effectively employ the defibrillator.

Defib Machines understands this critical aspect, offering not just initial training but also ongoing onsite training and refresher courses. This commitment ensures that your staff remains perpetually prepared to respond effectively to a cardiac event. Every 24 months we will come out and refresh the skills of your staff.

Regular Onsite Service & No Hidden Costs

Maintaining your defibrillator’s operational integrity is not an afterthought at Defib Machines; it’s a top priority. They conduct regular onsite service to ensure that your defibrillator remains in peak condition. This proactive approach eliminates the worry of device malfunction when it’s needed most.

Unlike some providers that add hidden costs, Defib Machines covers the expenses for pads and battery replacements. This transparent approach means you won’t be caught off guard by unexpected expenses, especially when you believed everything was in order.

To top it all off, the most significant advantages of choosing Defib Machines is the tax-deductible nature of our defibrillator packages. This means you can save money while fortifying the safety of your employees, customers, and loved ones.

Our mission is to ensure that defibrillators are readily accessible to everyone, which is why we offer our defibrillator rentals at just £1 per day. We firmly believe that it would be unjust to burden individuals and organisations with unnecessary costs for the installation and maintenance of AEDs, especially considering the anticipated surge in demand for these life-saving devices due to legislative mandates in the country.

Our commitment is to keep defibrillator solutions affordable and accessible, ensuring that safety and preparedness are not compromised by financial constraints.

Essential Accessories & Dedicated Round-The-Clock Support

Defib Machines understands that a defibrillator is just one piece of the life-saving toolkit. We provide all the essential accessories, from signage to wall brackets and more. Your toolkit remains complete, ensuring that you’re fully equipped to manage a cardiac emergency.

Take action now! Secure your defib today and be prepared for emergencies. Order your defibrillator and essential accessories here.

In a world that sometimes feels impersonal, Defib Machines offer a personal touch. Each customer is assigned a dedicated account manager, ready to assist with daily queries and provide around-the-clock support. This is how we take our full support to the next level.

Have questions or need assistance? Contact us anytime for personalised help and support. Reach out to our dedicated Account Managers by using our contact form, to get the assistance you need.

Defib Machines proudly leads the way in providing unwavering and comprehensive support for defibrillators. Our commitment to a secure installation, ongoing training, transparent pricing, and personalised assistance sets us apart as the top choice for individuals and organisations alike. As the landscape of defibrillator legislation transforms, we remain at the forefront, dedicated to ensuring that your AEDs not only meet regulatory standards but also remain fully prepared to respond in critical moments.


Defib Machines Takes AED Support to the Next Level