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"Over the years we had purchased a number of AED’s to protect staff, students and visitors on campus. These became difficult to manage and keep up to date. We also found pads and batteries replacement an expensive process. Whilst looking for a number of new devices we discovered the package provided by Defib Machines. After meeting with a member of the team we were happy to have Defib Machines provide service cover to our current defibs and new devices fitted where needed. Since this we have upgraded some old devices to Defib Machines. The whole process could not have been simpler from start to finish."
Leon Jennings - Head of H&S

"Recognising the importance of having a readily available defibrillator at each of our sites, the challenge was to find a supplier independent of the equipment manufacturers who could not only advise on the most suitable unit for our requirements but also install them nationwide and provide training in their use for our staff at every location. Not only have Defib Machines risen to those challenges superbly they have also done so with great efficiency maintaining excellent communication with us throughout. Furthermore their innovative approach of supplying defibrillators with a programme of ongoing maintenance and refresher training for a fixed annual payment not only gives us peace of mind but is particularly cost effective."
Nicola Currant - Group Head of H&S

"Defibrillators were something that the college had been considering for some time, however we were unable to find a package that suited our needs and requirements. When we discovered the Defib Machines offering, this was seen as the only realistic option. The all-inclusive package allowed for us to effectively budget for the device going forward whilst having the peace of mind that the devices are fully managed by professionals. Our staff are now fully trained on each site throughout the campus, which has already saved a life. We contacted Defib Machines and our defib was changed for a new device that day."
Zee O’Rilley - H&S Manager

"Cleland McIver is built up of a close-knit group of loyal and long standing colleagues. Welfare is a matter of priority, with the outlook that no-one should leave for work and not return. Understanding the real threat of Cardiac Arrest, and the effect having a defibrillator on site can provide, we looked to source one to protect staff. However, having purchased one this quickly became an expensive exercise ongoing. Defib Machines provided the option to swap our device for a new defib and their all-inclusive package. Since we have increased our coverage to include 2 more devices throughout the company and would only consider using Defib Machines in the future."
Martin Armitage - Filled Product Manager



Leave your defibrillator in the hands of the experts, with a fully maintained service provided to multi-site companies nationwide.


Save money with all training, installation, signage, refresher training, pads and batteries and more included for just £1-a-day.


As the largest provider of serviced and maintained AED’s throughout the UK, Defib Machines are always close by for any of your AED needs.


If you ever use your device or it picks up an issue in its basic self-checks, it will be replaced with a new defibrillator at no extra cost and within 24 hours.

Call our team today to see how you can benefit from our fully managed service on 0800 0852 733