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Local Initiative Saves Lives

Lancashire County Council in the North West of England have set up a scheme whereby over 2.5k people received CPR and defib training earlier this year! Here at Defib Machines our team know how important it is to have an AED on hand should anyone fall victim to a cardiac arrest, so we commend Lancashire for getting more involved!

Training and Funding

Did you know that if someone who is suffering from a cardiac arrest is more likely to pass away by 10% every minute they are left untreated? The AEDs from Defib Machines don’t require health professionals to administer treatment as there are written instructions as well as the machine themselves instructing their users. We also offer training to any staff members for businesses who choose Defib machines.

Throughout April and May 2018 LCC’s initiative known as ‘Lancashire Lifesavers’ not only helped train people on how to properly use an AED but have also committed to investing £30,000 to provide machines for their communities. Their website allows residents to suggest where each defib machine is located so that by summer, popular areas that might not be able to afford a defibrillator otherwise will have full access to one. Initiatives like Lancashire Lifesavers are a great way to support communities with current government cuts to the NHS and education and can save lives in the area!

Whilst we think that Lancashire County Council are taking steps in the right direction, there are still businesses and public areas that don’t have funding for their own AED and as a result, victims of cardiac arrest are likely to suffer. We have come up with ideas on how you can get funding for a community defibrillator.

Our experts are committed to making defibrillators accessible to everyone, which is why we offer a rental package for just £1 a day.

This includes installation, training, servicing and protective casing.

Get Funding with Defib Machines

If your community wants the security of having a defib machine but doesn’t have a campaign or initiative to support or provide funding, then get in touch with our expert advisers will help you set up your own AED for as little as £1 a day. Call us today on 0800 0852 733 or contact us online for a call back at your request.

Local Initiative Saves Lives