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Welcome to Defib Machines, a leading UK supplier of automatic external defibrillators for businesses and public areas. Rent a defibrillator from Defib Machines for just £1 a day and ensure your business is prepared for one of the world’s biggest killers, cardiac arrest.

Automatic defibrillators are becoming increasingly commonplace as businesses look to protect their employees, customers and guests from cardiac arrests. Having professional, effective medical equipment on hand in the immediate vicinity can be the difference between life and death. Defib Machines provide automatic external defibrillators that are easy to use and understand during an emergency, making them a vital addition to any workplace.

Defibrillators in Huddersfield

Medical emergencies can strike in any place, at any time, but some environments are more susceptible to cardiac arrest incidents than others. The British Heart Foundation identified construction and manufacturing as two industries that are more likely to have employees who experience high-stress, physical work which can lead to cardiac arrest.

Defib Machines provide automatic defibrillators to a range of industries, as well as the construction and manufacturing sectors, as all businesses can actively seek to protect their employees and customers in case of emergency. Defib Machines would also strongly recommend that defibrillators be fitted at gyms and fitness centres as extended periods of exercise can often increase the likelihood of cardiac arrest. If you have any questions regarding your business and the logistics of an external defibrillator, please contact us today.

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Defib Machines offer a fantastic rental service that allows businesses to rent a defibrillator for £1 a day. For more information on automatic external defibrillators for businesses and public areas, please contact Defib Machines online.

You can speak to a member of Defib Machines if you have any questions by calling us directly on 0800 0852 733.


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