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With members regularly pushing themselves to their physical limit, there is an increased chance of cardiac arrest in Gyms and Health Clubs. With the heart under increased levels of stress, it is recognised there is a real risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Following an influx of defibrillator machines installed in gyms around the country, there is now an expectation that gyms are a ‘Heart Safe’ location where an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is immediately available with trained staff to administer emergency treatment. Choose Defib Machines as your AED supplier.

Defib Machines provide gyms with specifically designed packages for their needs. Find out more about our Defibrillator Rental Packages.

These fully serviced and maintained AED’s are installed in the best locations throughout gyms, health clubs and other leisure facilities for instant access in an emergency. Training, signage and regular health checks are all included in the package.

For more information on our automatic defibrillators for gyms and health clubs, or to enquire about an installation, fill in our enquiry page below or contact us direct on 0800 0852 733.

Defib Machines Buy Back Service and Packages

Gyms and health clubs should have the appropriate steps in place in event of a cardiac arrest. Using a Defib Machine can increase the chances of survival from 5% to 80%. Renting automatic defibrillators from Defib Machines provides you with what is needed to provide the best care available following a cardiac arrest.

If your gym or health club already has an automatic defibrillator installed, we can arrange a Buy Back service. Defib Machines can purchase your old device through a Buy Back Service and replace it for a brand new one, along with a full service and maintenance package.

Defib Machines provide AED's (Automatic External Defibrillator's) for gyms and health clubs, ensuring that exercise facilities are well equipped to safely use a defibrillator machine in the event of an emergency situation.

Further Defibrillator Information

Fully serviced and maintained machines

Defib Machines supply AED rental packages specifically designed for the needs of gyms and health clubs. This includes an exclusive replacement program for any devices used or requiring a service. Our automatic defibrillators are tried and tested by UK medical experts and cost just £1 a day. AED installation and training is all included within the rental price, as well as wall bracket, resuscitation kit and complete service and maintenance.

Why do Gyms & Health Clubs use defib machines?

Gyms and health clubs have a duty to supply the best possible standard of care to staff, occasional visitors and long-term members, and being able to provide guideline resuscitation in an emergency situation is a crucial element of that commitment. As advised by the BHF (British Heart Foundation), emergency resuscitation should take place within four minutes of a casualty’s initial collapse in order for them to have the best chance possible of survival.

Get your machine renewed every 18 months!

Defibrillators will be replaced free of charge if it they have been used or are displaying a service icon. Alternatively after 18 months you will have the option to get a new machine at no extra cost. This is just another service Defib Machines provides to make sure that you have the best available defibrillator for when you need it most!

Our team can help with any questions you may have regarding our defibrillator machines.

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