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New European Resuscitation Guidelines released

The European Resuscitation Council (ERC) have reviewed and released the latest advice for governments, businesses and schools within the European Union surrounding resuscitation and first aid.

After a five-year review of the previous guidelines released in 2010, the ERC have announced a number of updates aimed at providing the best chance of survival and improving quality of life after a serious incident.

Cardiac Arrest, as in the 2010 guidelines, is a major focus of the report. The ERC guidelines highlight the immediate need for an automated external defibrillator (AED) following cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), alongside the use of CPR whilst emergency medical support is requested.

Details of the ERC’s New Guideline

The new guidelines say that if a person is found to be unresponsive and not breathing normally (this could be either shortened breath, no breath at all or a snoring sound known as agonal breathing) a cardiac arrest should be suspected.
Education and awareness of defibrillators is another main focus of the guidelines, with this seen as two of the main barriers to providing immediate aid. Defib Machines provide fully automatic defibrillators which require no training as clear and simple instructions are provided. All our machines are also provided with signage to increase on site awareness of the existence and location of the defibrillator, and a clear step-by-step guide for use.

An AED should be deployed as soon as possible to prevent death, while CPR must start immediately. With this in mind it is recommended that all public places, workplaces, medical centres and sport centres provide access to AED’s.

With cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac arrest affecting people of all ages, genders and without any previous cardiac problems it is essential that as a nation we become accustom to AED’s, use of the machines and the correct procedure to follow when someone suffers a cardiac arrest.

How much does a defibrillator cost?

Adhere to Guidelines with an AED from Defib Machines

To find out more about the guidelines please follow the link to the downloadable content. Alternatively we would be happy to discuss how Defib Machines can bring you in line with the new guidelines by either calling us on 0800 0852 733 or emailing us at solutions@defibmachines.co.uk

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New European Resuscitation Guidelines released