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How Defib Machines Handle COVID-19

How Defib Machines have approached COVID

With the very nature of the work provided by Defib Machines, we were not able to shut down and stop as cardiac arrest doesn’t stop. In this time, we continued to provide our best in class service including 24-hour response and replacement to devices that are used.


How we’ve adapted while keeping customers safe

During this time learnt quickly to adapt to meet the needs of our customers. With many sectors reacting differently it was important that we learn to know these needs quickly. In doing so we have now made a number of changes for each of our customers to improve our already high-level personal hygiene levels and for the equipment we provide.


1. Reducing your risk

We have stringent quality checks as part of our processes, with machines being tested, prepared and reviewed before leaving our sites. As part of these quality checks we have increased focus on our disinfection stage. At this point the device will be sprayed and wiped down with disinfectant approved for use to combat coronavirus to make sure that no equipment we are providing is carrying anything that could cause harm.


2.  Our Staff Wear Appropriate PPE

For all site visits our team members have been provided with appropriate PPE. This includes N95/FFP2 masks, clear visors, antibacterial hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and antibacterial spray.

Before arriving onsite, we are contacting our customers to understand any changes in their onsite activity which we need to be aware of and provide a number of working options to meet all government guidance around COVID-19.

When arriving onsite, engineers will clean hands thoroughly and equip their PPE before entering the site. Once onsite we will follow all government guidance, protocols from Defib Machines and also any site rules which includes social distancing.


It’s business as usual, but while keeping safe!

Our offering is still all inclusive and allows for installation of defibs and cabinets, servicing, training and refresher training for customers. Our engineers have been briefed fully in working on-site and also have been provided with signage to show work is taking place and to keep appropriate social distance. Training and refresher training can also be conducted in appropriate conditions to make sure that staff members know exactly how to use the life saving equipment available.

Upon leaving the site, our team members will remove all PPE that was used on site and use the disinfectant as needed to make sure that between our visits we are doing everything possible to help stop the spread.


Ask for a fast and safe AED installation at your workplace

If you would like to know more about the changes that we have made to our processes and how we work or to find out more about the devices and packages we provide please email us on solutions@defibmachines.co.uk or call us on 0800 0852 733.

How Defib Machines have approached COVID