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Exclusive New Year, New Defib For Life offer

As we welcomed in 2016 and the start of a New Year, people across the country saw this as a fresh start and a chance to leave any negatives of 2015 behind.

This year, Defib Machines are looking to help even more people survive the countries biggest cause of death: cardiac arrest. With over 140,000 deaths each year, cardiac arrest can strike anyone, at anytime, anywhere. When used, a Defib Machine takes the chances of survival from just 5% to above 75%.

Automatic Defibrillators from £1 per day

To mark the start of the new year we are offering our fully serviced and maintained defibrillators from just £1 a day. This offer removes the problem of an up-front high cost of between £1000-£1500 for an AED (automated external defibrillator). With a purchase unit, you would also be responsible for maintenance, service, repair and eventual replacement of the defib; however, with Defib Machines, all this is covered for just £1 a day. Get more details on our automatic defibrillator rental options.

Automatic Defibrillator Service & Maintenance

All our agreements include an ‘all-inclusive’ service and maintenance package. This includes regular health checks of the defib machine, replacement of the device if it is ever used/damaged/displaying an error, on-site demonstration and training DVD, management of pads and battery replacement. All this means that you never have to think about your defib again!

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Exclusive New Year, New Defib For Life offer