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Car Manufacturers and Dealerships Embrace Defibrillators

Car dealerships and manufacturers are taking proactive steps towards ensuring the safety of their employees and customers by embracing automated external defibrillators (AEDs). The ability to react quickly in the event of a cardiac arrest is essential for saving lives.

Defib Machines, the leader in affordable AED rentals, has not only supplied multiple car dealerships and manufacturers with these life-saving machines but has also borne witness to a remarkable incident that unfolded merely 45 minutes after installation—a testament to the profound difference these devices can make.

The automatic defibrillators Defib Machines supply offer an efficient, user-friendly and reliable solution that can be used by any individuals without any prior training. Every minute that goes by during a cardiac arrest is crucial. When an AED is used in the first three to five minutes of a cardiac emergency, a life can be saved.

A Defib Machines Success Story

Timing is everything, it’s one of the reasons why we don’t charge anything before install and make sure we are ready to install devices within a working week of an order being placed.

As part of a nationwide installation programme for a car dealership group, installations had been organised for sites throughout the UK. These had been organised to be completed within a week of the order being placed.

The device was installed at a dealership in Warrington. Training was provided over a number of sessions to staff onsite and the device was installed in the Service Office.

Shortly after the Technician had left, a call was received to the Customer Service Team to report deployment of the device. Forty five minutes after leaving the premises a customer had suffered a cardiac arrest in the MOT Bay. Following the training, staff were able to quickly identify the cardiac arrest and provide the person with a shock from the device.

The device provided the patient with a shock and helped to save their life.

Following the event, the Technician returned to the dealership and replaced the device with a brand new one.

Without the support of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in such a case, the affected person may have faced life-changing issues, but thankfully the AED saved the day.

The installation of the AED proved crucial, as just 45 minutes later, someone experienced a cardiac arrest. Thanks to the presence of the AED, immediate life-saving intervention was possible, greatly enhancing the odds of restoring a normal heart rhythm and averting the potential consequences of untreated sudden cardiac arrest.

Elevating Safety in the Automotive Industry

In the dynamic environment of a car dealership or on the factory floor of a car manufacturing plant, immediate and effective response to a cardiac emergency is important.

Car dealerships serve as welcoming spaces for a diverse range of visitors, from families in search of practical vehicles to auto enthusiasts exploring the latest models. Amidst the hustle and bustle, AEDs serve as an essential safety measure, providing reassurance to visitors that their well-being is a priority and that help is readily available in case of an emergency.

The car manufacturing industry continues to innovate, with the electric vehicle revolution continuing to reshape the automotive landscape; safety remains a non-negotiable priority. Car manufacturers are on the front lines of this transformation, presenting unique challenges and opportunities. Recognising the specialised needs of these establishments, Defib Machines has positioned itself as a trusted partner. In fact, we are the largest provider of AEDs to the automotive industry in the United Kingdom—providing life saving solutions to Marshall Motors, Vertu, Sytner and many more.

Moreover, Defib Machines is capable of delivering tailored AED solutions that cater to the distinct demands of traditional automotive manufacturers and the EV sector.

The electric vehicle manufacturing ecosystem introduces new technologies that necessitate a heightened emphasis on safety. The interplay of advanced technologies and stored energy underscores the significance of a comprehensive approach to safety, given the high-voltage systems and innovative engineering at play within this domain.

AEDs are vital tools in this setting, ensuring that workers have access to immediate life-saving assistance in the case of a cardiac arrest. If you need your car dealership, car manufacturing plant, or specialised electric vehicle assembly line equipped with automatic defibrillators that offer an efficient, user-friendly option for your employees, contact Defib Machines today. Our defibrillators cost only £1 per day to rent.

Similar to electric vehicles, our AEDs utilise lithium technology to power our AEDs. Defib Machines provide a repair and maintenance service for AED batteries that ensures defibrillators are in perfect working condition at all times.

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Car Manufacturers and Dealerships Embrace Defibrillators