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Specialist Defib Suppliers for Manufacturing Industries

The dangers of working on a factory floor are well documented and highlighted, and are only accentuated by the use of 24/7 sites, as many manufacturing sites in the UK are.

All work places, including manufacturing industries, have appointed first aiders, but with an automatic defibrillator from Defib Machines, anyone can use the life-saving equipment. As the biggest cause of death in the UK, having an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) on site could be the difference between life and death.

For more information on our automatic defibrillators for manufacturing industries or to enquire about an installation, fill in our enquiry form below or contact us on 0800 0852 733.

Defib Machines Buy Back Service and Packages

Defib Machines provide regular on-site health checks for your defibrillator machine. If you already have a defibrillator on-site, but without professional service and maintenance cover, we will Buy Back your machine for up to £250 and provide you with a brand new automatic defibrillator.

It is important to make sure that your AED is not an ornament and works when needed most, for this reason rented defib machines come with a full service and maintenance package. We also provide full installation, signage, pad and battery management, training and exclusive replacement service all included for just £1 a day.

Defib Machines can help you protect your staff and visitors from cardiac arrest by installing an accessible AED on site. With regular on-site health checks, your equipment will be kept up to date and in full working order.

Further Defibrillator Information

Fully serviced and maintained machines

Defib Machines offer special AED Rental Packages to the manufacturing industry, providing the use of the latest AED defib machines which are trusted by the UK ambulance service. From £1 per day, less than the price of a coffee, you can have an automatic defibrillator on site. The price includes AED rental and installation, training, exclusive replacement cover, a resuscitation kit and a completely comprehensive service and maintenance package.

Why do Manufacturing Industries use defib machines?

While having an automatic defibrillator on-site is not law for manufacturing industries, they have been recommended to be an essential part of first aid equipment on site. A defibrillator is the only way to resuscitate someone following a cardiac arrest, the biggest killer in the UK. With the nature of the manufacturing industry, accidents do happen. Having an AED nearby can provide the ability to administer lifesaving treatment.

Get your machine renewed every 18 months!

Defib Machines will replace defibrillators free of charge if they have been used. You will also have the choice to exchange the machine for a brand new one after 18 months without use! If the machine ever displays an error message, we will also come straight out to service the machine. If it can’t be fixed on the spot we will replace the device for a brand new machine!

Our team can help with any questions you may have regarding our defibrillator machines.

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