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Statutory guidance advises educational institutions to have a defibrillator machine on site as part of their first aid equipment. This allows for quick response and proper resuscitation to be provided. Quick action in the case of a cardiac arrest can save lives and help reduce the 271 deaths of children in schools alone each year.

As defib machines are easy and safe to use, as they can only provide a shock when needed, they are recommended for use in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. With installation, full signage, service, maintenance and training provided, Defib Machines can help make your facility well equipped to deal with a heart emergency. Find out more about the leading automatic defibrillator supplier.


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Defib Machines Buy Back Service and Packages

It is important that your defibrillator works when needed most. Defib Machines provide a full service and maintance package with all rented defibrillators installed. You will receive regular on-site health checks and management of pads and batteries to keep the AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) in full working order.

If your school, college or university has purchased a defibrillator without a service and maintenance package we can arrange for a Buy Back Service of your old device. This will then be replaced with a brand new fully serviced and maintained defib machine! You will also receive training, signage, installation and much more.

Defib Machines are helping to ensure the education sector is prepared in the event of a cardiac arrest by providing the installation of accessible and easy to use AED’s.

Further Defibrillator Information

Fully serviced and maintained machines

Defib Machines offer AED rental packages designed for the needs of educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. From as little as £1 a day, schools, colleges and universities can install and use the best available machines, trusted by UK medical professionals. Our AED rental package includes the defibrillator machine itself as well as installation, signage, training, battery and pad management, resuscitation kit and full service and maintenance cover.

Why do Educational institutes have to use defib machines?

Part of educational institutions' responsibility is to ensure the safety of its students and staff. Installing an automatic defibrillator gives an extra safety net should someone need immediate emergency resuscitation. The BHF (British Heart Foundation) recommends that resuscitation takes place in the first four minutes after collapsing. Having an automatic defibrillator on hand means that lifesaving treatment is available immediately.

Get your machine renewed every 18 months!

Defib Machines will replace defibrillators free of charge if they have been used. Defib Machines can also replace a defibrillator machine after 18 months, even if it hasn't been used. If the machine ever displays an error message, we will also come straight out to service the machine. If it can’t be fixed there and then, we will replace the device for a brand new machine!

Our team can help with any questions you may have regarding our defibrillator machines.

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